CKP Master Sdn Bhd – Solid as Steel in All Aspects

Established in 2008, CKP Master Enterprise Sdn Bhd’s primarily business activity is in the trading and distribution of steel scaffoldings, serving the local construction industry. Our competitive pricing strategies, coupled with our good quality products ensure that whatever is built using our platforms, stays solid as it withstands the test of time.

Widely known as CKP Master, located strategically in Bukit Niaga of Shah Alam, we are firmly cemented through our motto which is “Excellence through Service and Efficiency” and do whatever it takes to scale greater heights in ensuring that CKP Master provides the best customer service and quality products to our customers.

Why Scaffolding?

Conventional wood scaffolding which used to be the common conventional way of laying platforms in the construction industry. Nonetheless, in the current usage today, it has been replaced with the steadier steel pipe scaffolding.

The temporary platforms that are built with pipes have the quality of anti-tiling, withstand movement, resist bounce and make it perfectly suitable in the construction of high rise buildings. Some of our projects undertaken that see our equipment be rented and supplied to the construction industry throughout Malaysia, including the development of apartments in Alam Impian, Life College in Ara Damansara, Mobile Tower in Setia Alam, Sime Darby Medical Centre in Ara Damansara, Sunway TGV IMAX Theatres, Honda Factory in Melaka and the Yu Lek Temple in Cheras.

Other Products & Services Portfolio

Our wide range of products include the supply and sale of:

  • Ladder frame
  • The Rod & Wing Nut
  • GI Pipes
  • Castal Wheel
  • Hollow Section
  • Backet
  • Wall Tie
  • Jack Base
  • U Head
  • Cat Walk
  • Swivel / Fixed Clamp
  • Main Frame
  • Step Ladder Safety Net
  • Cross Brace
  • Joint Pin

Our Vision Statement

Looking ahead and beyond the current markets, here at CKP Master, our vision is to ensure that the company undergoes a paradigm shift and grows from strength to strength to become an iconic figure in the industry. What sets us apart from the competition is the ability for us to ensure that product and customer satisfaction will always take the lead ahead of other elements. Looking forward, we hope to forge and consolidate our services to better include matters such as:

  • Durable and competitive solutions where we aim to provide structural powers at the least taxing costs to our customers and the industry alike. 
  • A broad range of detailed and quality assured equipment and related services.
  • Higher productivity and great efficiency.
  • A comprehensive range of Scaffolding products.

    We once again reinstate that “Excellence through Service and Efficiency” is the pinnacle of our business and we know how hard it is to rise from the very humble beginnings and sustain the greater good of things.

Quality Above and Beyond

In our line of work, safety and quality assurance serious, and is taken seriously above all else at all times. We ensure that in delivering our product at competitive prices, we must ensure that our customer demands for high standards are met.

-Apartment, Alam Impian


-Life College, Ara Damansara


-Mobile Tower, Setia Alam


-Sime Darby Medical Centre, Ara Damansara


-Sunway TGV IMAX


-Honda factory, Melaka


-Temple Yu Lek, Cheras